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Privacy policy

Application KWYS

Welcome to the KWYS application created by Protomotech !

We are a company which wants to promote cultural patrimony ! 

This app is available on Play Store and App Store.

This app hasn’t been programmed to collect any personally identifiable information. All data created when you download a visit is stored on your device only and we don’t know when you launch the visit.

Moreover these datas can be simply erased by clearing the app's data or uninstalling it.


The use of Bluetooth and Geolocation are just that to be in correlation to point of interest of the visit that you have on your downloaded datas and you will receive a push or notification for more information on the point of interest, there are no save of geolocation datas at any moment. It’s just use on the app for a comparison and erase after.

Location datas are use when the app is use or is in background to be notify of point of interests near to you, those data are use only in the app at a short moment and not be store at any place !


If you find any security vulnerability that has been inadvertently caused by us, or have any question regarding how the app protects your privacy, please send me an email and we will surely try to fix it/help you.


Team Protomotech.

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